Harbour Boat Trips Vol. 02

Trentemøller feat. Marie Fisker ‘Transformer Man’  / single
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Various Artists – Harbour Boat Trips Vol. 02 Copenhagen by Trentemøller (hfn music) 
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Trentemøller covers ‘Transformer Man’ by Neil Young

Harbour Boat Trips Vol.02 – Copenhagen by Trentemøller (video teaser)


Trentemøller releases a cover of Neil Young’s ‘Transformer Man’, original track included in the twelfth studio album by the Canadian musician and singer-songwriter entitled ‘Trans’ (Geffen, 1982).

‘Transformer Man’ (feat. Marie Fisker) is part of his forthcoming new compilation ‘Harbour Boat Trips Vol. 02 – Copenhagen’ (set to be released this November 23rd via hfn music; 2LP, CD, digital). The compilation sees Trentemøller curate and craft sixteen songs into a heavy, hazy mix that ranges from shoegaze, industrial to cold beauty electronica.


Trentemøller lanza una versión de ‘Transformer Man’, un tema original del músico y cantautor canadiense Neil Young incluido en su duodécimo álbum de estudio ‘Trans’ (publicado por Geffen Records en 1982).

‘Transformer Man’ –que cuenta con la voz de Marie Fisker- forma parte de la nueva recopilación que el danés nos tiene preparada para este otoño: ‘Harbour Boat Trips Vol. 02 – Copenhagen’La fecha exacta de salida es el próximo 23 de noviembre, a través de hfn music. Saldrá a la calle en formato 2xLP / CD (y por supuesto plataformas digitales). En dicho repertorio encontraremos hasta 16 cortes elegidos por el propio Trentemøller donde se entremezclan desde pop litúrgico, atmósferas pesadas, shoegaze…  a electrónica  preciosista.

Various Artists – Harbour Boat Trips Vol. 02 Copenhagen by Trentemøller (hfn music) 


Se trata de un recopilado de piezas que han perseguido a Anders durante años. Da lo mismo la época. Descubriremos por ejemplo la canción ‘Naked When You Come’ de The Lollipopspublicada en los 60; otro ejemplo, la versión que la banda de principios de los 90 How Do I realizó del tema de ABBA ‘Knowing Me, Knowing You’. Tampoco faltarán nuevos hallazgos, en ese saco meteríamos el talento de Pyrit y CTM

Fue en 2009 cuando Trentemøller compiló el primer volumen de este ‘Harbour Boat Trips: Copenhagen’, ya entonces nos dejaba claras sus intenciones y compromiso de reunirnos de una sola tacada su música favorita. Da lo mismo que fuese danesa o de fuera. Un tracklist inspirado además por el trajín y sus paseos por el puerto de Copenhague.

“Es bueno tomarme a veces un descanso, evadirme de mis propias movidas y entonces ser capaz de presentar un pellizco de la música que me apasiona e inspira […]  Me encanta cuando un mix cuenta una historia, que no se trate simple y llanamente de una recopilación de canciones al tuntún. Si la unión de todas las canciones consiguen llevarte en volandas, te hacen viajar, reto conseguido, es lo que me interesa y pretendo”, nos cuenta  Trentemøller.

Tras debutar en 2006 con el LP “The Last Resort”, Anders Trentemøller ha lanzado tres álbumes de estudio más, el más reciente es “Fixion” hace un par de años. Después de una extensa gira y ‘Hands Down’, una canción de colaboración con JennyLee de Warpaint, Trentemøller ya trabaja en lo que será su próximo álbum de estudio.


[ Full Info release & Trentemøller’s quotes] 

Anders Trentemøller’s career is a travel-heavy one, with his touring schedule taking him pretty much all over the world. But it’s his home port that’s inspired his latest project, the sprawling, stunning compilation mix ‘Harbour Boat Trips Vol. 02: Copenhagen’. Clocking in at just over an hour long, the compilation sees Trentemøller curate and craft sixteen songs into a heavy, hazy mix that ranges from shoegaze to electronica, featuring both familiar and celebrated artists like A Place to Bury Strangers (with a new Trentemøller remix) and Slowdive to more obscure finds, as well as Trentemøller’s own tracks and remixes, most notably a brand new Trentemøller cover of Neil Young’s classic ’Transformer Man’.

The mix sees him pick up a thread he left off earlier in his career. In 2009 he put together ‘Harbour Boat Trips – 01: Copenhagen’, a compilation mix comprised of his favourite music, both Danish and international, from across four decades, loosely inspired by the motion and movement of Copenhagen’s busy harbour. Closing in on a decade later, we’re getting the second edition, with ‘Harbour Boat Trips – 02’ arriving this November.

“Sometimes, it’s nice to take a break from my own stuff and present some of the music that I like and music that inspires me”, says Trentemøller.

The diversity of his musical knowledge and taste is reflected in the variety of places and times the tracks are sourced from, from old Danish cult classics to some of the best new artists to surface in recent years like Paris’ Pyrit and Posh Isolation’s CTM. What perhaps unites the songs on the mix is their sense of heaviness, of artistic depth. There’s nothing throwaway or frivolous here, a mix stretching from industrial to shoegaze instead hitting the listener in the hard places. Trentemøller’s mixing highlights the qualities the songs share, their darkness but also their strange, cold beauty and ability to captivate.

Despite the songs being pulled from very different places, they share a certain spirit here they form a coherent artistic unit for an hour-long musical journey.

And according to Anders, that’s the point of a project like this, to not just to collect a bunch of great songs, but to mix them in such a way that the compilation develops its own distinct artistic character, its own separate story and identity: “I like it when a mix tells a story, and it’s not just a compilation of different tracks. If the tracks together take you on some kind of journey, then it’s interesting for me. That’s also what I have been trying to do with this HBT release. It was very important to me that it’s not just another compilation of songs but a bunch of songs that means something to me, carefully mixed together to one whole. I think a good mix is not limited to just one style, I always try to mix music that I like without thinking of what style it is. Instead it’s the mood and the atmosphere that make all these different songs blend together. It’s the glue.” says Trentemøller.

Like previous releases of the danish musician and producer Harbour Boat Trips Vol. 02 connects with the mood of a certain season of the year.

“I think this mix has a certain autumn vibe to it, it’s quite dreamy, melancholic but also noisy and violent in certain places. I didn’t want this mix to be a ‘coffee table mix’. It can work as background music maybe, but I think you get the best out of it with your headphones on and letting yourself let go in the music, in the moods of the mix.”

(by Neal McQueen)

About the selection of songs Trentemøller says: “They’re songs that have followed me for years, but also songs I discovered only recently. What I like about doing a mix like this, is that I can introduce the listeners to some songs they maybe haven’t heard before. A track like ’Naked When You Come’ is a Danish song from the 60s by The Lollipops, a quite corny band. But they wrote this amazing song that is so unique in terms of melody and production. The intro or the core groove of it, it could easily be the foundation for a modern hip-hop tune. Another example is a Danish band from the early 90s called How Do I, who made an incredible cover of the ABBA song ‘Knowing Me, Knowing You’. Their version makes you feel the song and the lyrics much stronger through the way they approached it. It’s stripped down, and the changeover between the verses and choruses gives me goosebumps. Suddenly you listen to the lyrics much more carefully, and it feels like the music somehow really fits the words in a perfect way in this cover version.”

The lead single for the compilation is brand new Trentemøller release, a cover of Neil Young’s ‘Transformer Man’, a song that wasn’t an obvious choice for Anders at all. He says: “Although I’m a huge Neil Young fan, I actually didn’t know about this song until Marie Fisker (a frequent colaborator (editor’s note)) played it to me when we sat down and thought about some songs that would be fun to cover for the mix. I wasn’t a fan of the song and its sound in the first place, but the melody, especially the hookline, somehow caught me. The song with its super corny vocoder and disco-pop sound is quite far away from what I normally listen to and so it wasn’t an obvious choice and instead I took it as a challenge to see in which direction we could take the song. I thought it could be interesting to get rid of all that disco/ vocoder stuff and focus on the song itself and suddenly it shined in new splendor.” It’s the cover’s colder, starker, more affecting sound that puts it in spiritual sync with the compilation. With Marie Fisker on vocals, it keeps the original’s sense of alienation and anomie while bringing in into Trentemøller’s stylistic space, music that’s monochromatically beautiful and gripping.

(by Neal McQueen)

After releasing his studio album debut in 2006 with ‘The Last Resort’, Anders Trentemøller has gone on to release three more studio albums, the latest being 2016’s ‘Fixion’. After an extensive tour and ‘Hands Down’, a collaborative track with Warpaint’s JennyLee, Trentemøller is currently working on his next album.

01. Pyrit: Time For Wind
02. A Place To Bury Strangers: Never Coming Back (Trentemøller Remix)
03. The Raveonettes: Expelled From Love
04. How Do I: Knowing Me, Knowing You
05. Kira Skov: I Celebrate My Life (Trentemøller Remix)
06. The Lollipops: Naked When You Come
07. Tropic Of Cancer: Children Of A Lesser God
08. Black Marble: Static
09. Trentemøller: One Eye Open (Trentemøller Remix HBT Edit)
10. John Maus: Hey Moon 11. Trentemøller: Transformer Man
12. Slowdive: Slomo
13. Moon Duo: Lost In Light
14. CTM: Paloma Pt.2
15. The KVB: In Deep
16. Levin Goes Lightly: 1989