In brief:

It is time to shake out the cobwebs and get ready for a busy and productive next step. If you are planning on releasing new music (preferably an album), promoting an upcoming tour or launching a new music video, then Freelastica is the perfect tool to help you accomplish your goals.

We offer a bespoke music promotion service that targets PR (editors, journalists, freelancers, bloggers, Radio officials and both printed and online press publications) on a global scale.

Based in Barcelona, our team is led by Bruno Garca / Brunetto, a +30 years experience in the full spectrum of -mostly- electronic music.

Long version:
Freelastica‘s background had been always the music. Easy like that. Whether for maximum exposure in media or acting as a label and / or musical producers. Our listing of assignments could be quite long and boring (ask us for more details if necessary or check out our PORTFOLIO).

Freelastica is managed by Bruno Garca (Brunetto/BlandiBru). Since the late 90s one of the most outstanding electronic musician in Spain with 3 albums and a bunch of single releases and remixes. Not to mention his musical works for TV, Documentariers, Ads, Audiobooks, Music libraries, etc. As music journalist Bruno contributes (or contributed) since 2008 with some of the most important media in Spain such as Clubbingspain, OCI-Mag, Spinner / AOL, DJ Mag ES, Denso Mag, Go!Mag, Clone, GAZ, La Milk, Beatburguer or MedMag.

Well known and well regarded also in the PR services thanks to his effective campaigns dealing always closely and directly with directors, editors, bloggers and journalists. Hundreds and hundreds of contacts (Spain, México, Chile…) treated equally as friends. Freelastica and Bruno can openly say that live music scene from the inside-out.
In 2006 Bruno began working in Decoder Muzique, later Phonomonkey. Actively for music labels such as BPitch Control, Kompakt, Hyperdub, Tectonic, Music Man, We Are Punks, Datapunk, HFN, Poker Flat, Echochord, Fullpupp, etc.

To name a few albums promoted via DM: Trentemoller ”The Last Resort”, Modeselektor “Happy Birthday”, Burial “Untrue”,  Telefon Tel Aviv “Immolate Yourself”, Supermayer “Save the World”, Petar Dundov “Escapements”, Ellen Alien “Sool”, Detroit Grand Pubahs “Nuttin But Funk”, Pulshar “Brotherhood”, etc. Also Misch Marsch, I Love Techno, Fuse presents…, Boogie Bytes series have passed by his hands during this period.

Actually Bruno is working as the responsible of the press and communication for MiracleMgmt, and labels such as Irregular, Suara Music, Moonbootique or Sincopat. Latest lp pr campaigns have been for Trentemoller‘s “Fixion”, Piek‘s “Despertar”, AFFKT‘s “Son of a Thousand Sounds”, Chinese Man‘s “Shikantaza”, Talisco‘s “Capitol Vision”, Bultur‘s “Abisal”, M1DeadPrez & Bonnot‘s “Between Me and the World”, Asian Dub Foundation‘s “More Signal, More Noise”, Easy Kid‘s “Lenai”, Trentemoller‘s “Lost”, The Toxic Avenger‘s “Romance & Cigarrettes”, Make the Girl Dance‘s “Extraball”, Freddy Fresh‘s ‘Play the Music’, The C.I.P.‘s “Daydream”, Fernando Lagreca‘s “Control”, Skygaze, Bearoid, Kill the Hipsters, Depaart… and of course Oliver Huntemann, Edu Imbernon or Moonbootica.

- Other references are:
Clubbingspain as Music writer / Contributor, until now
OCI-Mag as Music writer / Contributor, until now
Denso Mag Editor in chief /  until 2016, now just contributor
DJ Mag Spain as Music writer / Contributor, until now

GO!Magazine as Music writer / Contributor 2009-2014

MedMag / MedWinds Music writer / Contributor 2011-2014

La Milk Music writer / Contributor, 2008 – 2010

Spinner/AOL Music writer / Contributor, 2008 – 2010

Off writtings: GAZ, CLONE Magazine, Beatburguer, Klubbers, etc.